About us

About us


Welcome to "Smile Designers Dental Center" in Khalda- Amman-Jordan,the latest and most luxurious place in the area in terms of equipment, devices and medical technologies, with it's uniquely qualified professionals and specialist that attracts expertise from region and beyond .

We offer the best services for each individual and provide clinical care including solutions and treatments for dental and oral surgeries.

We in "Smile Designers Dental Center" aim to be always in a leadership position through our outstanding services and policies provided by our place in medicine and dental care profession, and always follow up with the latest technological methods and devices that only serves the best to deliver satisfaction for our customers and patients and fulfill their needs with full attention and confidentiality.

We aim for the highest quality in all we do locally and internationally to achieve and maintain a white smile for our dear customers and look forward with confidence to what is beyond the range of therapeutic services.


We distinguish ourselves by:


  • Our unique combination of talented experienced medical professionals with their high competent skills.
  • Infection prevention control practices and procedures, protecting our customers and staff completely.
  • Ensuring excellent services by providing the latest and high technological medical methods and devices with precision of work, speed and lowest level of pain.
  • Working around the clock handling both emergencies and non-emergencies cases.
  • Ensuring patient/customer as well as medical staff safety during medical radiological imaging procedures providing full protection.
  • Working with the latest laser bleaching devices for a brighter and whiter smile offering most protection for the patient/customer with faster results in minimal time interval.
  • Using the latest method of administrating anesthetics (Stitch Almatdah, that is without the use of needles).
  • Providing best medical services at a nominal cost.
  • Taking our time fully listening to our patients/customers regarding their concerned cases, & try to come up with what is the best treatment plan for them with the simplest method.
  • Complying completely & perfectly to the regulations & policies of the World Health Organization (WHO) and act ethically implementing the right decisions.


  • Smile Designers Dental Center also has a private pediatric dental clinic equipped with the latest devices and a special atmosphere created for children to relieve their fear and anxiety, as well as using nitrous oxide sedation if needed at times instead of needles to keep them comfortable and calm through out the procedure time.


# Accept credit cards major domestic and international pricing and are committed to the Ministry of Health plans and provide appropriate and possible to pay fees.

# Dealing with Jordanian banks and the method of financing and payment mechanism to facilitate the treatment cost.